About Us

EAC Maintenance is a family owned business, equipped with over a decade of experience in the construction industry. We supply a diverse range of construction services, across all sectors.


EAC was first established in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia in 2015. Initially our main focus was on servicing the local mines, however due to customer demand we expanded our services to the domestic and commercial/industrial sectors. In 2019 we expanded our business to provide electrical services to the industrial/commercial and domestic sectors of Melbourne, Victoria.

As a team we are focused on supplying a quality and honest service to our customers. We are proud to report that we have a greater than 75% customer return rate. Until now majority of our advertising has been word of mouth and this is why we highly value our community.

We are committed to supporting our community. Even though our business has expanded across to the east coast we are focused on supporting our local community. We employ local people and have an active apprenticeship program. With a network of local suppliers we are able to support local buying and growth.